Ørsted signs with Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation for Taiwan’s largest Offshore Wind Onshore Substation EPC Contract

Global offshore wind leader Ørsted today awarded an EPC contract to Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation (TCC) the first 900MW Greater Changhua projects. The contract amount is more than 7 billion NTD.
This onshore substation EPC contract will be mainly supplied by local companies and will create 800 to 1,000 new job opportunities.

Global offshore wind leader Ørsted today awarded an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract to Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation (TCC) to build two onshore substations, cable corridors, landfalls and transition joint bays for the first 900MW Greater Changhua projects. The contract amount is more than 7 billion NTD. This EPC contract is so far the largest of its kind for Taiwan’s offshore wind industry. Star Energy, 100% owned by TCC, will be responsible for all onshore deliverables regarding design, procurement, construction and commissioning of onshore substation. Star Energy will sign contracts with local sub-suppliers approved by Ørsted and these contracts will create around 800 to 1,000 local jobs.  

Ørsted has already obtained the land lease rights in Lun-Wei district, within the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park to build the first two onshore substations for the first 900MW Greater Changhua projects. Upon Ørsted’s final investment decision, work of all onshore works is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2019. 

Matthias Bausenwein, General Manager for Ørsted Asia Pacific, said "We are very pleased to collaborate with Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation on building our first two onshore substations. Onshore substation is a crucial piece of infrastructure for our Greater Changhua wind farms. It will allow the incorporation of green energy into the power grid and bring clean energy to the households of Taiwan. This also marks the first step of our onshore construction in Changhua starting from early 2019. We are confident that together with our Taiwanese partners we will achieve the highest of quality, and that Ørsted’s experience, skills and engineering standards will lay the foundation for the Greater Changhua Wind Farms.” 

Chang Ming-Chieh, Chairman of Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation, pointed out that, “Ørsted has placed the EPC contract for its onshore substation with Star Energy which is 100% owned by TCC. The procurement of electrical components (such as transformers, resistors, switchboards, cables, etc) and the civil engineering works will predominantly come from local suppliers. We estimate more than 85% of the entire project will be supplied by local suppliers and will create 800 to 1,000 new job opportunities. This will fulfil Ørsted’s commitment to localise as much as possible the construction of the onshore substations”.

Star Energy’s Chairman, Tsai Ching-Fa said, “Ørsted places great importance on QHSE standards. Star Energy was able to satisfy the requirements made by Ørsted during the tendering period. We will also establish an external audit system to enhance the QHSE standards of our sub-suppliers, and to improve Taiwan’s overall quality of project management.”

Ørsted has from the early planning stage contracted Sinotech to implement the conceptual design and several surveying works that laid the foundation of today’s onshore substation EPC contract. During the tendering process, Ørsted devoted itself to share the experience, standards, procedures of designing and constructing an onshore substation that it has accumulated over the years with the potential contractors. The integration of the international standards and local expertise has allowed the provision of the best technical solutions. Today’s signing serves as the best example of Ørsted’s commitment to knowledge transfer and local integration during its two and half years of presence in Taiwan.  

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