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Keeping some of the world’s largest and most advanced wind farms up and running is no small task.

Between them, Ørsted’s operations staff – from high voltage specialists and wind turbine technicians to offshore coordinators, operations managers, and site assistants, to name a few – achieve just that. A career here will take you by helicopter and boat, onshore and at sea, into one of the most exciting areas of work.

Opportunities to join us in an operations role at the cutting edge of the global green energy transformation can be found anywhere we have wind projects:


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Here you can see some example roles.


Operations manager

Everything that takes place in the safe day-to-day running of an offshore wind farm is overseen by an operations manager. We lead the teams of highly skilled and motivated wind turbine technicians who carry out essential maintenance, including supporting their career development. We also continuously look for ways to improve our operations.

All of this is done with a lot of decision-making autonomy and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the business every day, while knowing we have a real impact.

Meet Katy, Operations Manager at Ørsted

Offshore coordinator

An offshore coordinator is responsible for tracking personnel, vessels, and helicopters as they move about offshore. We’re the main radio contact and first line coordinator for emergency responses.

It’s exciting to work with so many different projects, vessels, and technicians, and there’s a real sense of pride knowing we’re operating as the world’s largest offshore wind company.

Site assistant

As a site assistant on a wind farm, every day is different. From organising training and medicals for wind turbine technicians to making purchases and processing invoices, from minute taking in meetings to assisting with facilities and office management, we need a broad set of skills and knowledge to help keep a wind farm running.

Each day involves interacting with lots of different staff and visitors on site – and with colleagues across the globe.


Wind technician

Our high-performing, technical teams of wind turbine technicians do everything needed to keep our offshore wind turbines serviced and maintained. We access the offshore wind turbines by boat or sometimes helicopter, and we’re highly trained for working in such an extreme environment while prioritising safety above all else.

The role comes with so many opportunities to improve our skills, using all the exciting new technology at the cutting edge of the green energy transformation. And the views from the top of a wind turbine out at sea are unbeatable!

Meet Georgea, Wind Turbine Technician at Ørsted

High voltage specialist

Handling the power generated by our wind turbines wouldn’t be possible without the expertise of high voltage specialists. We deal with all the high voltage equipment between the wind turbine and the offshore substation, making sure that all the power makes it safely back to shore to provide green energy.

The job covers a wide range of sites and involves working closely with lots of different teams. It’s rewarding to support large projects like cable replacement and to play such a crucial part in resolving faults when they occur.

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