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About Ørsted

Powering Taiwan’s green energy transition

We’re one of the worlds most sustainable energy companies, and the only offshore wind company with profound end-to-end expertise of developing, constructing, operating, and decommissioning offshore wind farms.

We take tangible action and providing renewable energy solutions to realise our corporate vision – create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

With over three decades of expertise and experience, we’re supporting Taiwan to reap the abundant wind resources in the Taiwan Strait and turn it into clean energy, realising its green energy transition and building a more sustainable future.

As Taiwan’s most reliable green energy partner, we want to deliver on the promise of a more sustainable and clean future.

We were the first energy company to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, and we’ll be the first to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. This experience gives us a unique ability to support Taiwan on its renewable energy journey.

Global experience, local expertise

Ørsted plays a key role in driving offshore wind development in Taiwan. Our large-scale offshore wind farms do more than mitigate climate change. They’re also making our domestic energy infrastructure stronger and more robust – and they’re growing the national economy.

Globally, we’re leaders in offshore wind with a 25 % market share. We’ve currently built enough offshore wind to power 9.5 million people, and by 2025, our ambition is to power 30 million people.

In Taiwan, we were the first and only renewable energy company to establish their APAC hub in Taipei. From day one, we have been pioneering offshore wind throughout the entire wind farm lifecycle, building a comprehensive value chain and drive industry chances to provide benefits for local communities.

Together with our joint venture partners, we’ve delivered Taiwan’s first commercial-scale demonstration offshore wind farm – 128 MW Formosa 1 (35% stake) in 2019. In 2018, we were awarded 1.82 GW of installed capacity for Greater Changhua offshore wind projects off the coast of Changhua. We are also developing more than 5.6 GW offshore wind projects in the Zonal Development Phase to contribute significantly to Taiwan’s energy transition goal and the growing needs for clean energy by companies in Taiwan.

On a local level, our renewable energy solutions are having a long-term positive impact on local communities and suppliers as we pave the way for a secure and reliable future for domestic energy in Taiwan.

Supporting local communities

Find out more about the benefits we’re bringing to Taiwan and the impact we’re having locally.

Leading the global renewables revolution

Since building the world’s first offshore wind farm in Denmark in 1991, we’ve gained unrivalled expertise and experience, defining the industry as it exists today. We’ve built more than 1,600 offshore wind turbines in Europe, North America and Asia.

Since then, we’ve maintained a market-leading position in offshore wind, and have a growing portfolio of onshore wind farms, solar farms, and energy storage facilities. Today, we’re also pioneering the renewable technologies of tomorrow, such as renewable hydrogen and green fuels.

Our projects generate clean, reliable energy for millions of people and create true value for local communities everywhere we work.

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Our vision

Over 80% of the world’s energy consumption still comes from fossil fuels, making it the number one contributor to climate change.

This needs to change.

At Ørsted, we have a vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy. It’s not something we can achieve on our own, but with the right partners, we can make it a reality

One of the worlds most sustainable energy companies

In just ten years, we transformed our business from one of the most fossil fuel-intensive to a company 100% focused on renewables.