Ørsted teams up with Taiwanese suppliers to form ‘Asia-Pacific Offshore Wind New Technology Alliance’ creating opportunities in region’s green energy transition

Ørsted today (23) announced the establishment of the ‘Asia-Pacific Offshore Wind New Technology Alliance, which aims to enhance the technical capabilities of Taiwanese suppliers and support them to tap into the vast business opportunities across the Asia-Pacific offshore wind market.
Led by Ørsted, the ‘Asia-Pacific Offshore Wind New Technology Alliance’ has convened suppliers spanning the entire wind farm lifecycle. They include T.Y.Lin Taiwan Consulting Engineers Inc. for wind farm design; Walsin Energy Cable System Co. Ltd. for cable production; Century Wind Power Co. Ltd. (CWP), for the manufacture of suction bucket jacket foundations (SBJ); and CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering Co. Ltd. (CDWE), which will use its “Green Jade”  vessel for SBJ installation. Ørsted is ready to collaborate with more local suppliers in the future. This will expand the breadth and depth of this strategic alliance and advance Asia-Pacific offshore wind power.

Christy Wang, chair of Ørsted Taiwan, says: "Since day one, Ørsted has been dedicated to helping local suppliers acquire essential manufacturing technology for offshore wind power. As we progress into the Zonal Development phase, we will leverage the Greater Changhua 3 Offshore Wind Farm as a platform for pioneering new technologies with local suppliers. Through this new technology alliance, we will significantly boost the technical capabilities and build international competitiveness of our local supply chain, from design and manufacturing to installation, operations and maintenance. They will be better-placed to succeed in the Asia-Pacific offshore wind sector."

Taking foundations as one example, Ørsted is pioneering APAC offshore wind technology through the introduction of suction bucket jacket foundations in the 920 MW Greater Changhua 2b and 4 offshore wind farms. The technology, which does not require piling and can be fully removed after the wind farm is decommissioned, ensures minimal impact on the environment. 

If Ørsted’s Greater Changhua 3 offshore wind farm is successful in the current auction round, T.Y.Lin, CWP and CDWE will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, and installation of suction bucket jacket foundations, respectively for the offshore wind farm. This development project integrates world-leading advanced technologies and standards. It is set to build on Ørsted’s successful track record with Taiwanese suppliers during the Zonal Development phase and further augment the technical capabilities and encourage access to other Asia-Pacific offshore wind projects.

Moreover, Ørsted is introducing the highest specification of 275kV voltage cables in the Greater Changhua 3 offshore wind farm. Walsin Lihwa Corp.’s subsidiary Walsin Energy, a new local entrant set to acquire the international certification and technical capabilities, will manufacture these cables in Taiwan’s first offshore wind cable factory. This not only fulfils the government’s localization goal but also further enhances Walsin’s future export capabilities.

Ørsted is committed to stable power generation and asset management throughout the operational phase of 30+ years. Since 2018, the company has recruited and trained its own dedicated Taiwan operations and maintenance team, currently comprising 50 local talents. Ørsted also invested in building the region’s largest O&M hub for offshore wind at the Port of Taichung. Furthermore, Ørsted partnered with Ta San Shang Marine Co. Ltd. to build the world's first Taiwan-flagged bespoke service operation vessel, the "TSS Pioneer.” The talent, facilities and vessel are ready to ensure optimal power generation efficiency for all Greater Changhua offshore wind farms.

Ørsted is developing a leading portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region, with a total development capacity of 6.4 GW. In addition to the Greater Changhua 3 offshore wind farm, Ørsted is developing a 1.6 GW Incheon offshore wind farm in South Korea, which obtained electricity business license approval last November. In addition, Ørsted was recently awarded site exclusivity for its Gippsland offshore wind projects in Australia, with a potential capacity of 4.8 GW.  

Ørsted looks forward to collaborating with Taiwanese suppliers to expand business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market. This new technology alliance will enable Taiwan's offshore wind industry to prosper in Asia-Pacific while accelerating the energy transition in the region.

For further information, please contact: 

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