Ørsted urges regional collaboration to open Asia Pacific’s green energy pathway

  • Ørsted launches white paper to ‘Open the Path to Progress’ for Asia Pacific’s green energy future.
  • New Ørsted paper calls for regional collaboration across Asia Pacific to facilitate successful offshore wind buildouts which create long-term value.
  • Ørsted aims to deliver up to 5 GW offshore capacity in Asia Pacific by 2030.
Ørsted released a white paper today at Energy Taiwan calling for collaboration to create a regional supply chain and synergies for achieving Net-Zero.
Global offshore wind leader Ørsted today (18) announced a new white paper calling for speed, scale, societal value and supply chain synergies to fully realise the green energy transition in Asia Pacific. 

Launched at the Energy Taiwan conference in Taipei, Ørsted published its first white paper for Asia Pacific – a crucial region for global decarbonisation. Governments have set ambitious goals to free their energy systems from fossil fuels and with over a third of all RE100 companies based in Asia Pacific, there is high demand for clean power to remain competitive in global supply chains.

Per Mejnert Kristensen, President of Ørsted Asia Pacific, says: “Despite the global challenges the offshore wind industry faces today, I am optimistic about Asia Pacific’s long-term green transition. By working together across APAC markets, industry, governments and communities can deliver on climate action, energy security and drive economic opportunities. In this critical period, we must combine our efforts to drive the scale and speed of commercially viable offshore wind buildouts which create long-lasting value for nature, society and the economy.”

Asia Pacific is at risk of getting left behind in the global competition to attract and secure logistics services, suppliers and talent. The markets who can create a long-term enabling environment will succeed. The Ørsted paper identifies four key areas for collective action to advance APAC’s transition to renewable energy. This includes recommendations to scale up projects to secure investment; speed up and streamline processes; promote societal value with non-price criteria; and grow the regional supply chain.

Christy Wang, Chairperson of Ørsted Taiwan, says: “We appreciate the consultation process by the authorities in Taiwan to take in the industry’s opinions for more flexibility in draft framework rules for the second auction of Zonal Development Phase. The decision we make now will define the future of offshore wind and whether we can achieve the Net-Zero goal. As a major green energy provider, we must deliver on time and on quality to meet green energy targets, provide clean energy to our customers and provide value to consumers and society.”
To help catalyse the green transformation, Ørsted aims to deliver up to 5 GW of offshore wind capacity in Asia Pacific by the end of 2030.

Download the white paper here.

Note1: RE100 Annual Report (January 2023) shows 37% of RE100 members are head quartered in Asia Pacific.

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