Ørsted launches industry-pioneering policy of 20-week fully paid parental leave

Ørsted is proud to announce today (8) its industry-leading new parental leave policy, providing 20 weeks of fully paid leave for employees as primary caregiver for their new-born babies and 12 weeks for the secondary caregiver. The policy is applicable to every Taiwan employee regardless gender, location, and type of work they do. It marks a major step to further strengthen Ørsted as a family-friendly workplace and has been enacted since the start of the year.
Ørsted Taiwan provides 20 weeks of fully paid leave for employees as primary caregiver for their new-born babies regardless of gender, location, and type of work.
Christy Wang, Chairperson of Ørsted Taiwan, says: "Ørsted believes people are key to power a greener future. While we strive to build offshore wind and catalyse the energy transition in Taiwan, we prioritise looking after our employees at important phases of their lives. This new parental leave policy is an excellent example of this. We are glad to see that all employees in Taiwan with newborns are entitled to this new benefit, which provides extra support and shares the responsibility of caring for their families.”

Ørsted has worked to create an equitable and family-friendly workplace by providing competitive parental leave benefits which exceed the requirements of Taiwan's Labor Standards Act. This new policy of 20-week fully paid parental leave that applies to all genders is especially significant for families with male caregivers. Because Taiwan’s Labor Standards Act provides eight weeks of full paid maternity leave for female and only seven days for male. Ørsted’s new policy enables employees, regardless of gender, to decide whether they are the primary or secondary caregiver in the family for newborns and allows them to enjoy the fully paid leave.

Tommy Cheng, land and property manager of Ørsted Taiwan, says:” As my wife and I are considering having a second child, I am thrilled to learn about Ørsted's new parental leave policy as 20 weeks of leave with full pay really makes a big difference. I can share the responsibility of childcare and housework and enjoy the time with our new-born and still have a stable monthly income. I think the new parental leave policy puts Ørsted at the same benchmark as some of the world-leading tech giants and even better because the policy is applicable to any employee with newborns, regardless of gender.” 

In line with Ørsted’s vision to utilise sustainable ways to create a world that runs entirely on green energy, the company works to ensure career development suitable for its employees, create an equitable and family-friendly workplace and look after the well-being of their health and mind. In addition to the 20-week fully paid parental leave, Ørsted also announced that starting this year, employees in Taiwan enjoy seven days of fully paid family care leave for them to care for their family members when needed. 

Since establishing its APAC regional hub in Taiwan in 2016, Ørsted saw the number of employees in Asia Pacific grow to over 230, with nearly 180 based in Taiwan. Over the past nearly seven years, the company has welcomed 35 “Ørsted babies,” which serves as a good example that the company supports its employees to find balance between work and family. With a growing presence in a number of APAC markets, Ørsted will continue strengthening family-friendly efforts for a happy workplace.

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