Ørsted receives Ministry of Labour’s Work-Life Balance Award for the First Time

Ørsted, the world’s most sustainable energy company was awarded the 2022 Work-Life Balance Award by Taiwan’s Ministry of Labour (MOL) today (31) in recognition of its extensive efforts to support the well-being of the employees by striking a balance between professional and personal lives. This is the fourth time the Ministry has organised the awards with an aim to encourage companies to cultivate friendly workplaces which enhance employees’ well-being. Ørsted Taiwan received this award for the first time, standing out from 88 candidates in the ‘’Flexible Working’’ category
From right, Head of P&D Ørsted Taiwan, Ariel Chen, attended the Work-Life Balance Award ceremony of the Ministry of Labor, receiving the recognition of Ørsted’s effort to build an “Arbejdsglæde” workplace from Minister Ming-Chun Hsu.

Christy Wang, Chairperson of Ørsted Taiwan, says: ‘‘At Ørsted, we are powered by our people to realise our mission in creating a world that runs entirely on green energy. We believe this is only possible by empowering our employees to work flexibly and unleash their full potentials and providing them with the means to do so. We are honoured and delighted to be recognised by the Ministry of Labour for our endeavours and we will continue to support our employees to thrive in both work and life.’’

Ørsted Taiwan’s flexible working culture is rooted in the Nordic culture of ‘’happiness at work’’ (Arbejdsglæde). This allows employees at all levels to occasionally work from home, leave early or come in late to fit around their personal lives.

Moreover, the company is dedicated to providing a comfortable and motivating working environment, caring for the physical and mental well-being of employees. Ørsted Taiwan went beyond the requirement of Taiwan’s Labour Standard Act, offering generous annual paid leave, annual sick leave, maternity leave, Employee Appreciation Day and exemption of make-up day, etc. These initiatives enable employees to have more flexibility in taking care of personal matters, sufficient rest, and as a result, be able to perform to their best at work. 

Annually, Ørsted conducts People Matter Survey, a channel for all employees to provide their feedbacks and comments to the company anonymously. People leaders will not only share the survey results transparently with the employees but will also have follow up actions to work among teams to improve the work environment and measures. Ørsted Taiwan will continue to take the responsibility for creating a family-friendly and healthy workplace to unlock all employees’ greatest potentials. This is also done to ensure sustainability to the company’s development as well as our employees’ work and personal lives. 

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