Ørsted and NCUE activate first joint green energy syllabus, bringing offshore wind into school classrooms throughout Changhua

National Changhua University of Education (NCUE) and world’s most sustainable energy company Ørsted launched a brand-new green syllabus of "Energy Transformation – Pride of Changhua Wind" in Changhua, Taiwan. Starting from March this year, it will be rolled out by seed teachers from more than 30 elementary schools and more than 750 school children will receive the green energy education.
NCUE and Ørsted launched Green Syllabus in Changhua. From the left: Principle Long-bin Chen of Hsien Xi Elementary School, President Ming-fei Chen of NCUE, Deputy Director Shu-chu Chang of Department of Education at Changhua County Government, General Manager of Ørsted Taiwan Christy Wang, Dean Liang-rei Chen of Academic Affairs NCUE
This green energy syllabus is written in accordance with the spirit of the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education of the Ministry of Education. The aim of the tailored 2-hour education session is to provide learning opportunity for children with offshore wind industry knowledge geared to international standards, supplement on elementary school curriculum, and cultivate core literacy in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

In order to equip the children of Changhua with better knowledge on green energy and offshore wind, Ørsted and NCUE jointly develop the green energy education plan to provide one-of-the-kind learning experience for the next generation in Changhua. The syllabus is designed with the intention for children to learn in a fun environment with proactive mind-set through hands-on activities, so to earn more offshore wind knowledge and sustainability thinking. 

Ming-fei Chen, President of NCUE, says, "NCUE has been working on curriculum planning, design and promotion of the theory and practice of environmental education in Changhua County for many years, and providing on-the-job training in environmental education for primary and secondary school teachers. In view of the abundant green energy resources and potential of Changhua County, this time, through cooperation with global offshore wind leader Ørsted, we have jointly planned and launched the green syllabus for 11-12-aged children in Changhua, and look forward to introducing solar, wind and other renewable energy sources to schoolchildren throughout Changhua County as well as coastal areas, raising their awareness on climate change and fully understanding the importance of green energy."

Christy Wang, General Manager of Ørsted Taiwan, says: “Ørsted’s vision is to create a world that that runs entirely on green energy, and we are committed to tackle climate change and raise sustainability awareness through education. Working with NCUE will not only make Changhua the first and most important green energy education hub, this long term partnership will also be contributing to Taiwan’s net zero transition. We are committed to deliver clean energy to Taiwanese households and corporates by developing, constructing and operating the large-scale offshore wind farms, it is also our aim to create more local business and job opportunities for Changhua, further supporting the County to be the gravity center of green energy development and supply in Taiwan.’’

About the Green Syllabus

  • Ørsted works with its long-term local partner NCUE to cultivate all-round green energy talents, launch the "Energy Transformation – Pride of Changhua Wind" green education tour
  • The syllabus is designed according to the spirit of the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, and has been deliberated and reviewed by NCUE, primary and secondary school teachers and relevant experts, and has become an environmental and green energy teaching material that can be used by primary school teachers as a supplement to the official curriculum
  • Train the trainer: Combined with the local teacher network and expertise of NCUE and global industry experience of Ørsted, the green syllabus was developed with the target audience of students of 11-12 ages. 3 train the trainers have been implemented to-date, and plan to tour of 30 classrooms are expected to be carried out from March to June in 2022. In view of the abundant wind resources off the coast of Changhua County, suitable for the development of offshore wind power, 15 of the 30 class activities are expected to be held in the primary school of six townships along the coast of Changhua.  
Ørsted and NCUE held green education tour kick start ceremony, along with elementary school principles and seed teachers. The education tour will allow children to learn UN SDGs goal and offshore wind.
“Energy Transformation— Pride of Changhua Wind” education tour will begin in March in over 30 elementary schools throughout Changhua, with 60 teachers trained and 40 certified as of February 24.

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