Children love to question everything. This can be hard to handle when discussing complicated matters like climate change. Because it’s a confusing topic, for parents too.

So we’ve made a list of some questions that your children may have, and provided an easy to understand answer to each of them:

What does ‘climate’ mean?!


Weather is the state of the atmosphere in an area, describing the degree to which it's wet or dry, hot or cold, calm or windy, clear or cloudy.


Climate is the average weather in a place over a period of time. This can be tens, hundreds or even thousands of years.

What is climate change, and what is causing it?

Climate change is long-term changes in the earth's weather.

Pollution from things like aeroplanes, industries, farming and energy production consists of gases like carbon dioxide (CO2).

When CO2 levels rise, they cause the sunrays to become trapped under a 'blanket' of pollution.

While plants and trees can absorb some of the CO2, it can't handle all of it.

So, the CO2 'blanket' is getting thicker, trapping even more heat, causing the planet to warm up.

Why do we hear so much about climate change today?!

Global temperatures have risen by an average of 1°C over the last century. That might not sound like much, but you need to remember that it's an average. This means that the temperature rises in some areas are far higher. And this could be (and is!) having consequences for humans and wildlife across the planet.

But doesn't that mean we'll have better weather?

It depends how you look at it. Short term, yes, we may experience hotter summers. But long term it'll mean more extreme weather. Maybe your children have heard about some of the hurricanes, flooding and forest fires in the news lately? Some of those are in part due to climate change.

What does climate change mean for the animals and other creatures?


Changing habitats

Some animals are moving habitat to cooler climates and waking from hibernation sooner, while some habitats are disappearing altogether.


Changing ecosystems

Plants are starting to grow and bloom earlier in the spring and survive longer into the autumn, which is having long-lasting effects on local ecosystems.

What can I do to help fight climate change?

Despite climate change being a serious matter, it's important not to feel frightened, disheartened or nervous about it. Because all of us can make a difference! You too. Climate change is a serious issue, but it's important not to be afraid, frustrated or nervous because we can make a difference! You too! You can:

  • Try to pay more attention to public issues related to climate change, environmental protection and energy
  • Try to purchase goods that use green energy to produce, use recycled materials, or consume less electricity and water
  • Eat fruits and vegetables produced locally to reduce the carbon footprint generated during transportation
  • Do a good job of sorting garbage, or go further - reduce waste
  • Use more public transportation, walking or cycling
  • Always take your child into the wild and let them learn to cherish nature.
This is what we can work every day.


But I can't really make a difference, can I?

Yes you can. We all can! Naturally, one person’s actions won’t change the world. But you shouldn't see your actions in isolation. Think of yourself as part of something bigger. A worldwide new awakening. Everybody can change their ways, and it's the sum of this change that'll ultimately make the difference.

Why isn't anybody doing anything to save the planet then?

They are! Due to the effects of climate change, we're seeing a huge paradigm shift in the world. People, companies, countries and organisations such as the EU and the United Nations are instigating monumental change. Every day, fantastic new initiatives aiming to make the world a better place are in introduced, like energy companies switching to renewables, carmakers switching to electric, the rise of plant-based meat, ocean clean-up projects and much more. There's a lot to be positive about!