DAF Application Announcement

2024 GREATER CHANGHUA OFFSHORE WIND FARM SW LTD. Announcement regarding Application for Project-Based Power Development Community Assistance Fund


GREATER CHANGHUA OFFSHORE WIND FARM SW LTD. (the “Company”) offers the 2024 Project-Based Power Development Community Assistance Fund (the “Community Fund”) and hereby accepts the applications therefor (the “Fund Applications”) pursuant to the Electricity Act, the Regulations Governing the Utilization and Supervision of Power Development Community Assistance Fund (the “Regulations”) and the Company’s policies and rules relating to the Community Fund.

A. Eligibility

  1. Those who are eligible to apply for the Community Fund (the “Applicants”) include the first and second-level agencies of Changhua County Government and the township (or village, city, district) offices, educational institutions, agricultural associations, fishery associations, and domestic non-profit organizations and groups established under the approval of the Changhua County Government.
  2. The Fund Applications submitted by the Applicants should only be for programs that are conducted and completed before June 30 of the following year.
  3. The purpose of the Fund Application must be related to the following:
    ●promoting the welfare of the communities or environmental protection in Changhua County;
  4. ●improving the living environment of local fishermen and communities in Changhua, raise awareness of environmental protection, and/or ●maintain environmental sustainability.
    ●subsidies for cultural programs;
    ●subsidies for social programs;
    ●subsidies for infrastructure programs;
    ●subsidies for education and learning programs for remote areas;
    ●subsidies for regional development and employment programs;
    ●subsidies for programs relating to the integration and protection of marine ecosystem, corporate social responsibility and sound development of fisheries; or subsidies for other programs beneficial for power development, construction of power generation facilities and promotion of local welfare.
  5. The amount under each Fund Application is limited to NT$200,000 to NT$1,000,000 in principle.

B. Application Deadline and Required Documents

The Applicants shall submit their Fund Applications to the Company’s designated contact person (OrstedTWEAF@orsted.com; the “Contact Person”) by May 31, 2024 by submitting the following application documents by e-mail:

  1. Application form: please download Annex 1;
  2. Program Proposal: the proposal should state the purpose of the program under application (which should be one of the items listed under Article A.3), the total cost of the program and the amount requested (in principle, the amount should not exceed the limited specified under Article A.4), the program implementation plan (including the implementation period, personnel, plan, estimated sources of funds and estimated expenditures, etc.), the auditing method (including guidelines on utilization of funds, monitoring measures and auditing standards, etc.);
  3. A summary of the program proposal in English (including the purpose of the program, the total cost of the program and the amount requested) and a summary of the implementation plan;
  4. the Applicant’s basic information (which should include documents substantiating its compliance with Article A.1) and authorization documents (e.g., organization or corporate registration information and authorization document for the Fund Application (signed or stamped by a representative)); and
  5. the Letter of Undertaking (see Annex 2 for a form thereof) executed by the Applicant, agreeing to comply with the law, this Community Fund Announcement and the Company’s decision on the Fund Application. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Applicant provides any personal data in the Fund Application, the Applicant shall fulfill its obligation to inform the relevant parties of the personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Notice Form attached hereto (please refer to Annex 3).

C.Application Review and Result Notice

  1. The committee set up by the Company in accordance with the Regulations will review the Fund Applications pursuant to the principle "Sustainability First, Local First, and Fishery First", and the evaluative item and percentage are as Annex 4.
  2. The Company will, in principle, complete the review of the Fund Application by the end of July of the year in which the Fund Application is submitted and notify the Applicant of each of the Fund Applications that have been approved (respectively, the “Selected Applicant” and the “Selected Program”) the amount allocated thereto (the “Allocated Amount”).The Selected Applicant shall provide a payment receipt along with the information on the bank account (including a copy of the bank book) to the contact of the Company listed on the awarded notice within [3] days after receiving the awarded notice.
  3. The Company will, in principle, disburse the Allocated Amount by the end of August of the year in which the Fund Application is submitted; the Selected Applicant shall sign and return the receipt (see Annex 5 for a template form thereof) and invoice within 7 days after receiving the Allocated Amount.

D. Audit Requirements

  1. The Selected Applicant shall complete the utilization of the Allocated Amount by June 30, 2025(the “Final Utilization Deadline”).
  2. The Selected Applicant shall submit a quarterly utilization report (including relevant invoices and evidential documents, a description on the utilization status of the Allocated Amount and the implementation progress of the Selected Program) to the Contact Person in writing or by e-mail by the end of October, January, or April before the Final Utilization Deadline after obtaining the Allocated Amount.
  3. The Selected Applicant shall submit a utilization completion report to the Contact Person in writing or by e-mail within 10 days of the Final Utilization Deadline, setting forth the results of the program and the utilization of the Allocated Amount (together with the quarterly utilization reports, the “Utilization Supporting Document”).
  4. The Selected Applicant shall implement the Selected Program as approved, and upon notice by the Company, the Selected Applicant shall provide relevant implementation information and/or cooperate with the Company’s auditor(s) in auditing the implementation of the Selected Program. Where the Company finds that the implementation of the Selected Program is in violation of the law or this Community Fund Announcement, the Selected Applicant may be notified to rectify the non-compliance. The Selected Applicant shall complete the rectification within the timeframe specified by the Company.

E. Other

  1. The Applicants shall understand that the Company has the sole discretion to review the Fund Applications, including determining whether to approve the Fund Applications and the amount of the Community Fund allocated to each program.
  2. While an Applicant’s program may span several years, the Applicant shall still submit the Fund Application on a year-by-year basis; however, the Company reserves the right to approve the Fund Application for each year at its sole discretion and is not obligated to approve the Applicant’s Fund Application (whether or not related to the Selected Program) for any other year because the Applicant’s Fund Application for any one year has been approved as the Selected Program.
  3. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the Company may conduct such public relations and promotional activities as the Company may require in connection with the Fund Application.
  4. If (a) the Selected Applicant implements the Selected Program in violation of any law, this Community Fund Announcement or any notice given by the Company in connection with the Selected Program; or (b) any document submitted by the Selected Applicant (including the Utilization Supporting Document) is falsified, altered, otherwise false or inconsistent with the contents of the Selected Program as approved, the Company may (i) notify the Selected Applicant to return the full amount of the Allocated Amount disbursed, and the Selected Applicant shall remit the full amount of the disbursed Allocated Amount to the Company within 5 business days after receiving the Company’s notice, (ii) refuse to process or reject any other Fund Application from the Selected Applicant; and/or (iii) implement any other legal proceedings to protect the Company’s interests.
  5. Regarding any and all disputes arising out of or relating to the Fund Application or the allocation and utilization of the Project-Based Community Fund, the Applicant agrees to first negotiate in good faith with the Company to resolve the dispute. Where the relevant dispute cannot be resolved within 30 business days after the commencement of the negotiation, either party may submit such dispute to arbitration by the Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (the “CAA”) and arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in Taipei in accordance with the Arbitration Act and the Arbitration Rules of the CAA in Chinese.


Annex 1 Application Cover Form

Annex 2 Letter of Undertaking Form

Annex 3 Personal Data Notice

Annex 4 Project Fund Evaluation Form

Annex 5 Template Receipt Form