About offshore wind

Offshore wind delivers reliable, large scale and efficient green energy

Offshore wind has huge potential

We are set on making a real difference in the world and invite communities to be part of this change. It´s time to take real action to create a world that runs on green energy. Renewable energy holds the key to a greener future, and we need to act now to reduce the effects of climate change. We are firm believers in the massive potential that wind energy holds, and we hope to see offshore wind powering hundreds of millions of homes in the future.

Our market leading position within green energy has helped us reduce the costs of renewable energy. Declining costs increasingly gain attention from new markets and investors, who can now see the immense scalable potential of renewable energy as a more viable, efficient and sustainable option to fossil fuels.

Since we inaugurated the world’s first offshore windfarm back in 1991, offshore wind has evolved from being a niche technology to becoming a mainstream investment opportunity for energy companies and investors alike. Towards 2020, offshore wind is expected to be the fastest growing renewable energy technology in Europe. We are proud to be at the forefront of this rapid growth, and will continue to expand our leading offshore wind capabilities globally to ensure the planet a timely transition from fossil based to carbon neutral energy sources.

It's a real environmental achievement that wind power is becoming the natural, alternative for powering our lives. As a green, renewable and cost-effective resource, our future is likely to be healthier as a result.

The path to a greener future starts with Ørsted


Offshore wind delivers the most reliable, large scale and efficient green power 

Taiwan is the front runner for offshore wind in the region. With 2/3 of Taiwan covered in mountain and forest. Offshore wind is one of most suitable renewable sources for Taiwan. The offshore wind potential is huge given that we have already 11 GW under development. The market has great potential to become the APAC hub for offshore wind.

Currently in Taiwan, there are 5 offshore wind projects under development.