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Green Energy Scholarship Programme

As a part of its Local Stakeholder Engagement Programme and plan to promote Offshore Wind in Taiwan, Ørsted committed to launching a Green Energy Scholarship Program (GESP) to support eight Taiwanese students who are enlisted in Taiwanese universities or foreign colleges and universities recognized by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, on their ways to becoming professionals in Taiwan’s offshore wind energy industry each year. 

In its mission to create intercultural opportunities for the next generation of offshore wind professionals, the GESP offers an opportunity, where full-time scholars are welcome to pursue their choice of an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree. The scholarship offers each student up to NT$400,000, which may be used towards university tuition, accommodation costs, and personal living expenses. 

The scholarship amount will depend on the academic grade of the applicant:

  • NT$ 350.000 for PhD students
  • NT$ 300.000 for Graduate students
  • NT$ 250.000 for Undergraduate students

The best research topic within the awarded scholarships receives additional NT$ 50,000, which can be used to support the research.

The scholarships will be focused on the following educational degrees:

  • Four Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) scholarships per annum
  • Two environmental studies scholarships per annum
  • Two social science scholarships per annum

Scholars are required to submit the application online via the Ø website, fulfilling all requirements as outlined in the Trust Document. The topic of the English written essay should be “How will Taiwan realize the green transformation using Offshore Wind Energy and where I see my role”. (max. 500 words) A student can only be awarded a scholarship via the GESP once. 

Ørsted Green Energy Scholarship Alumni are also invited to take part in the Ørsted Green Energy Alumni Club, an exclusive network, which encourages former and current scholars to network across campuses and borders to exchange know-how, present and discuss current topics of interest and develop socially responsible action plans that address critical challenges faced by the Offshore Wind community, environments, and economies today. The Alumni Club Meetings will be held at least once per year and organized by Ørsted. 

Whilst 50% of the Scholarships are reserved for Changhua Citizens, 50% thereof are reserved for descendants of Changhua Fishermen. If not enough eligible candidates can be found / apply, the remaining scholarships will be distributed without geographic restriction.

To guarantee the highest possible standards in the selection process as well as to guarantee maximum transparency, we will work together with the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei (TCD Taipei) Danish Trade Council and an independent expert from the university or offshore wind economy sector which will be part of the panel reviewing the applications.

Download 2021 trust document

Applicable candidates can apply by submitting the necessary information according to the Trust Document to .